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Renée - Remy European Human Hair Topper

Renée - Remy European Human Hair Topper

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Renée is a 3-tone auburn brunette which will compliment so many women's natural hair colour.

The topper base is made with ventilation and natural volume in mind. It is a single monofilament, 100% fully hand-tied topper featuring a 5x6 base with PU lining for added stability. There are 5 pressure sensitive clips to ensure optimal stability. Renée is extremely comfortable, lightweight and has a light density to ensure a complete natural look.
Wash in cold water, using hydrating shampoo and condition, after 7 wears or so. Do not brush when wet. Lay on a towel to dry. Once it's slightly damp, add Moroccan Argan Oil to the hair and let air-dry or style with blow dryer (once damp). Use styling tools on lowest heat (approx 280ºF). Rule of thumb: with real hair, always think "hydration, hydration, hydration." Enjoy :)

Topper Features:
5" x 6" single monofilament
5 pressure sensitive clips
100% hand-tied
Low-density topper. Ideal for those seeking volume.